Friday, 27 November 2009

Bon Dias

Morning campers

Let sleeping bags lie

We have reached our first destination of Luz de Tavira near Faro on the south coast of Portugal.
There was a head wind all the way down to the Algarve with the exception of 1 day.
Rain, gale force winds etc seem to have followed us all the way here.
When we arrived in Luz  locals told us its the first rain they´ve had since July. At least its warmer here. T shirt weather during the days.

Moo Moo land
We took a leisurely 4 days to get here  leaving at around 10am each day and setting up camp at around 4 - 5 pm. Nothing too strenuous. We are having a long lay down after all.
We´ve completed almost 2000km so far. (sounds more impressive than miles)

So any problems on the way down?

I had a bird hit me in the face. (Feathered kind) I was going so fast on my vespa it couldn´t get out of the way quick enough.

Lets start with my vespa - I had to change the rear light bulb which I found out from Kev that it had blown in UK.
Thats it.
I gave it a clean yesterday and changed the engine oil ready for Morocco.

Kevs van is also going well. Nothing to report except a dodgy wire in the 'break' light.

Kevs C90 - which he has hardly rode as yet - the broken indicator is now fixed with cellotape due to a few bad cornerings.

Visited the second highest town in Spain. Had octopus for breakfast which was a first for us both.
So nothing really exciting to report.
We both struggled on the second day in Spain going up and down mountains in heavy rain and strong wind but we lived to tell the tale.
We´re just chillin´ in Luz at the moment. Kev has been busy adding bits to his C90.
Look forward to seeing some of you in Morocco around xmas.
Oh yeh...Kev forgot to bring my guide books of europe and Morocco that I lent him so we have no idea of where we are going or staying and I cannot learn the basic phrases I was hoping to learn whilst here. Handy! He also forgot his duvet!
All in all we are in good spirit.


  1. Hi Scot & Trig.
    You mad fuckers !!! Are you still going to be there in april ??? Coz i'm coming climbing & trekking in Atlas Mountains with some guys from Slovenia !!Love the blog... Good luck... I'll keep looking for your post.. Cheers Mark Moody.

  2. Scotty dog & Trig! Heard about your adventure from Barty. It all sounds mighty interesting. Looking forward to following your exploits on the long lay down. Good luck love Wenty

  3. Mark. bring loads of bog paper as you cant buy any here and you ll have to use your right hand ... but the kittens are quite soft if you can catch them in time.

    Wenty. Long time no see. Hope youre well. Not many dogs here so you ll be ok.

    Scott and Trig