Wednesday, 18 November 2009

And we're off

Due to Health and Safety reasons the picture has had to be removed.

A quick one while I'm still here. Here's me checking everything straps on to the scoot. I may be doing a few wheelies but should be ok.
We're off today. Sorry no pictures of Kevs C90 but they will be uploaded asap.
Quick up date.
We arrived at Portsmouth 3.45pm.
Kev smoked about 100 fags watching me getting blown around.
Head winds meant I had top speeds of between 40mph and 65mph in the slip stream of passing lorries.
Got pulled over by customs getting onto the boat but they let us through ok. Phew! Its going to be one hell of a journey.
Robbie Villiams is letting himself entertain us on the ferry. 
Gale force winds etc.
It could potentially be the end of the trip.
Time to get spannered.
See you all when we get back
Very windy but no rain and its quite mild for the time of year. Can't have everything!
Bhoom Shiva!

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