Monday, 9 November 2009

So where are we going?

Many people have asked us where we are going - Answer - Morocco via Spain and Portugal.
I will be riding my scooter all the way to Morocco from Diss. Kev will be taking his C90 in his van to Portugal and then from there, we will both be riding via Spain to various places in Morocco; Marrekesh, Essaouira, Casablanca etc.

This trip first takes us to Portsmouth to catch the ferry to Bilbao, Spain. We may visit Southampton on the way to Portsmouth, depending on my scooters performance and the time. This ferry is the only thing we have booked in advance.

And then?
Arrive at Bilbao after 2 days. Then, heading west, follow the coast until we reach Portugal. Keeping to the coast we plan to end up in southern Portugal where we will stay for a week or two, resting, drinking beer, preparing Kevs C90 for the beginning of his 2 wheeled adventure, drinking more beer, eat food, smoke tabs.

And then?
And then we will both be riding towards Algeciras in Spain to catch the ferry to Morocco.

Roxy Music
And then?
And then ride around Morocco until;

a) our money starts to run out
b) our petrol runs out
c) our puns run out
d) our patience begins to run out

And then?

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