Thursday, 28 January 2010

What really happened...

Yeh? Hang on a minute!
What did really happen?
I can´t remember a great deal. I´ve started growing a beard and my system of measuring time (1 x shave = 3 or 4 days) has grown out of the window.
Well, Kev has been practising his magic ready for his finale. (My french is still improving). His final disappearing trick was to leave Marrakech and Morocco and reappear in a totally different continent altogether.

I still belive Kev sold Munchy to a hareem. She always did turn a few heads when she was coming down the street. People began to walk into lamposts they didn´t know were there as they watched Munchy roar past.

or, for our friends in Norwich,
Actually, the crux of the matter is, that Munchy munched her way through Kevs wallet faster than anticipated and Kev had to file for a divorce from Munchy. She was a high maintenance, low speed kind of crunchy and Kev just could not keep up with Munchys demands any longer.
And alas, it is so, that, there came a day, when, lo, Kev had to leave poor Munchy laying lonely in a hotel basement.
For tax reasons, he never actually sold Munchy but instead, pawned her. (I think he ´porned´ her myself)
We are all hoping that Munchy will be there when we will  one day return to Marrakech. Flying there is definatly the cheapest option to do this, as oppsosed to riding a moped there via Portugal.
A very helpful guy in the Ali offered to help Kev out and made him a deal he could refuse.
But Kev did not refuse the deal and went ahead and booked a flight to Sevilla, Spain, where he would then somehow get to Portugal, where his van was.

So it came to be that Munchy the crunchy was left behind in Marrakech. Kev had to sell her to pay for a flight back to Portugal. Unfortunatly he could only get an expensive flight to nearby Sevilla, Spain. So when he reached Spain he would then have to sell his shoes to pay for the bus ticket he needed to get to Portugal.
Once in Portugal, he would then need to sell his boat to get the money to take his van to Marrakech, where he would have to sell his van to get the money for riding Munchy back to Portugal. When he reached Portugal he would then have to sell Munchy again to pay for a flight to UK so he could get a job to pay for the return trip to Portugal to buy poor Munchy back. Then go back to Moroc......
You get the idea by now.......

But hey.
It´s all irrelevant.
There is good news.
Munchy has given birth to Munchy 2.
And Munchy 2 will soon be old enough to join Munchy in Morocco very soon.
Probably this summer.

So this leaves me and the Vespa in Marrakech, wondering what to do next. I still have to ride it home after all which means I´m only a little more than half way through the trip. And I am after all still under the "get you home repair" which I very much hope gets me home ok.
Do I wait for those illusive spares to turn up or do I head for Spain where I would be able to replace the bearings?
Do I head south as originally planned?
Who knows? (Actually, I do, as this all happened 2 or 3 shaves ago)

The continuing saga of the Vespa is still very much happening. More photos will added soon enough but my to do list is getting more than 1 thing a day on it. This means I´m busy, doing nothing!
Ciao amigos

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  1. Hi Scot,

    It's Oliver, the belgian hich hiker from Hotel Ali. I'm reaching the south of Portugal soon (02/02). If you're in the area, it could be fun to reach you and have a beer. If you receive this message and it's possible for you, just send me the adress of your place and I will come to say hello. See you maybee soon,


    PS: email adresse is