Monday, 5 October 2009



Kev has been busy making a few alterations to his mean machine. Here he is pondering on which modifications to make. This is the bike as he bought it with stylish top box and map holder.

Talking of maps...we have no maps. I 'd better call an assistant at H.Q. and have some shipped to the workshop...or when we reach Spain, we could just head west then follow the coast south and if we have to, look at the maps on my mobile phone if we get really lost.

I'm not entirely sure exactly what modifications have been carried out to the C90 but here's a photo of it in the 'during' stage.
Modifications planned are a different exhaust,
2 x storage boxes bolted on to the rear,
superfandango air filter,
go faster stripes,
new tyre/s and
most importantly,
an extremely loud horn taken off the Royal Enfield that Kev drove around India.
I' m already jealous that his horn is bigger than mine.

The Oil Slik Road
As for the vespa.
On Sunday we went with a couple of mates to collect another engine for it. Thanks go to Simon for driving and Satnav Paul. I'm not so sure about the Little Chef.
So why do I need another engine? The scooter was ok wasn't it? Well, not any more. 
I found out once again, that the engine had problems. Major problems. The engine was banging louder than Keith Moon so I though I'd better get it checked out.
I found out the bearings were spinning in the crankcases, the threads are stripped on the crank, the stator plate is cracked.
This means I will now be using an old Spanish Vespa P200 engine fitted with new bearings and seals. 
Most of the problems I had were due to the monkey who I let loose on my poor engine. (No, not me. Not this time). I would tell you his name but my left eye develops a nervous twitch whenever it's mentioned.

Pictured is the recently purchaded old engine getting a much needed clean at the local car wash. The trowel was used to scrape off the thick layer of accumulated Spanish oil and dirt.
Under all this was a fairly clean engine and just like it's new owner, it scrubbed up quite well.


I dropped off the replacement engine to someone who knows what they are doing and I'm waiting to hear with anticipation if this engine is going to make it.
It sounds promising.
Even though I haven't heard it running.