Wednesday, 28 April 2010


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Hello again,
Bonjour, Bon Dias, Assalam Allahkum, Guten tag, Namaste, Ola and other greetings.

I've finally had a long lay down and only now can I write some more.

The good news is that there is now a book to accompany the blog of,
"A long lay down. Vespa or C90. Which will breakdown first"?
Here is a sneaky peaky...

England to Morocco ...
By Scott Kindleyside...

or you can order the book from here:

Includes over 100 pictures including 25 full page prints all on high quality paper, with exclusive Q & A.
Available in hardback deluxe, hardback and paperback, for a small fortune.
With never before seen material and exclusives this book is a must for any fan of the blog.

What critics are calling,
"Probably the most amazing book ever printed" - The Daily Reader
"Amazing photos and funny stories" - The Book Critic
"Not bad. But can you make it disappear off the shelves"? - D. Blaine
"If this was a film it would cost a lot of money to make" - S. Speilberg
"If you only ever read one book in your lifetime, make sure it has lots of pictures like these, as you probably don't read much" - D. Bailey

There has been talk of another trip, this time to Slovenia in the summer 2010. If it rains like it did on this trip then I will begin to believe than I am jinxed.

The vespa is still going strong, being used frequently, with no modifications and Munchy 2 is almost ready for adventure.

In the meantime, please have a look at the book.