Friday, 8 January 2010

Photos 3

En route to Marrakech
Actually, Marrakech is 208km away

As it says on the tin
not far now
Crafty snails
Above is Kevs plans for the Vespa


  1. Thanks for fab times. Wish I was with you guys now, love home, but v good to be away. Here's hoping that the lack of update on blog 'Marakesh' means you are busy rebuilding vespa and parts have arrived ok.....ha ha...! Hey Scot hope your room is clean as a whistle, and Kev, hope you're not in the dorm! or room 101. Just know you will be having fun whatever, will sort pics and forward soon as. Enjoy - it's cold windy icy and threatening to snow again here - just glad I've got a jedi suit (and a Berber husband.... and 2000 camels !) ra ra. c u soon in Portugal! xx

  2. hi superglu
    my room is still spotless but my vespa has no new parts as yet. still waiting.

    im sorry to say its getting warmer here day by day!

    i just may end up with a full jedi suit and crazy, pointy slippers as yet. the more i have to wait, the more i am becoming part of the furniture here in marrakech.
    will i ever get back to blighty?
    watch this space

  3. Hi guys,

    It's Oliver (belgian guy from hotel Ali). I'm in Essaouira at the moment and I've found the cheapest hostel in the place : 50 drh/night for a single room. I think you can ask to put you muppets in the closed courtyard. Ask for the "Hotel Central", a 150m from the main square in front of the sea. See you maybee later,


  4. Hiya
    Good to hear your voice Kev, hope hotel ali are looking after you, and you are giving the buffet your full attention! sad but not surprised to hear vespa parts have not materialised....but Scot, you seem to be coping, maybe planning to spend more time in Marakesh cleaning up your act ha ha ! Could pop a feather duster or some dusters in the post if ya want! Anyway, Good for you! Cold icy and wet still here - no fun. Hoping for some fun at the w/end, but all seems pretty quiet. Still not sorted camera to laptop cable, but will try and get it sorted in nxt couple of days.
    Have fun, and hope you get to coast ok - sounds like Ollver has it sorted.
    See ya

  5. hi oliver and sue
    parts have still not materialsed
    coping ok
    i dont want to give away too much just yet but we are safe and sound
    i will update blog asap
    Oliver...are you still hitch hiking you cheap skate?! just kidding. have a safe trip.
    kev wants to know...where is claudia?