Thursday, 28 January 2010

Schroody dooby do

Where are you?
In the early hours of the morning, a psychedelic green campervan pulled up outside the Hotel Alibaba in Marrakech. Inside were Freid and his sister Schiffer, both from Germany. Along with Vic, a stoner from Poland and Fatima who belongs to Belgium. And of course lets not forget their large, hungry pet cat, "Schroody", for without Schroody there would be no adventure.
They had all noticed whilst they were checking in to the hotel that there was a sad, lonely and unhappy man who was checking out of the hotel and was about to leave Marrakech.
There was also a very happy looking hotel manager rubbing his hands with glee as this man, Trigger, handed over the keys of his C90 to the manager, as he was about to leave Morocco.
You could almost hear the cash registers ringing in his ears of the manager and you could almost see the giant novelty cheques appearing before him.
The gang in the campervan later discovered that Trigger, was having difficulty retrieving his Honda C90, named Munchy, from the basement of the old hotel, as he said the basement was haunted.
So to help poor Trigger get his Munchy back, they decided to investigate.

We got some w*rk to do now
They sent Schroody down into the haunted basement to investigate but at first he refused to go.
Not even for a Schroody snack.
He wouldn´t even go down into the dingy basement for 2 Schroody snacks but he gave in when they offered him 4 tagines, 4 pizzas, 4 chicken and chips, and an all you can eat buffet, all layered between a tower of khoobz (bread).
He left the cous cous.
Vic was also peckish and feasted heavily on this food too.
Schroody then led the way into the scary basement, closely followed by Vic.
"Yoinks"! Schroody had slipped and fallen onto a large, black plastic sheet and began to slide downwards into the basement, taking Vic with him.
Then the lights went out.
"Arrrgggghhhhhhh"! they both cried.
Then they felt something moving. Someone else was on the ´bag´ sleigh with them.
It was the ghost.
"Yikes. Like, let´s get out of here", said Vic to Schroody.
They were all now sliding along on a large black plastic sheet, further down into the depths of the basement, which was so far down that the floor was now a sheet of snow and ice.
They bumped into some more people, who it turned out was Freid, his sister Schiffer and Fatima the hitch hiker.

So there they all were. All 6 of them. Surfing down a snowy icy slope, sitting on a large black plastic bag.
Whilst sliding down hill on his bottom, Triggers' mind turned to the camels he had recently ridden in the desert. He had the same uncomfortable feeling returning to his rosy cheeks and it wasn´t pleasant.
Luckily they came crashing to the bottom of the hill and the ghost who had been haunting the basement was about to be un-masked by Freid and and his cute sister Schiffer.

"Why its Scooter. The caretaker at the Hotel California. But why did you need to haunt the basement"?
"Well, Trigger had just had Munchy fixed and I saw it doing wheelies down the street and became concerned that his C90 was going to be faster than the Vespa. So I thought if I made the place where he stores his Munchy haunted, then he would never be able to overtake me as he would never be able to retrieve Munchy from a haunted basement".
"So it wasn´t the hotel manager then"? they all thought aloud.
"No. He´s a friendly chap who tried to help", added Fatima.
"I would never have guessed", came Vics response.
"And I would have gotten away with it, if it wasn´t for you meddling kids".
"Not now you won´t. You´ll be doing 5 - 10 in the state pen", said the chief of Police who had been called earlier.
"Book him boys....", were the last words Scooter heard that day and he was banged up abroad.

Shake and Vac
"Schroody dooby dooooo".

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