Sunday, 15 November 2009

3 days to go

We're almost ready.
These are the machines ready for adventure.
Kevs C90 has a new light weight front mudguard which effortlessly paints a perfect straight line of road water on to his face. The legshields have been removed, bulletproof rear carriers added, new indicators and a new paint job. A superb all terrain vehicle.

Here's the Vespa ready to go. 
In the last 2 months it has had 2 engines,
4 engine rebuilds,
1 puncture and 
1 seizure. (Most of these set backs were because I didn't know what I was doing during the 'restoration'). It also has a rear carrier fitted. Optional extras include a 12volt battery which runs 2 x horns and a cigarette lighter socket. I've also added Goop to my tyres as I am prone to the odd puncture.

Its going to be interesting to see what and how much we can load onto these machines.
In previous lives I've managed to transport 3 people, 50kg vegetables + passenger, car batteries, gas bottles, chickens and goats on a Vespa (not all at once)! but that was a little bit more than the law will allow.
I've not had much experience on a C90 so I do not know what they are capable of but I believe anything is possible.
Both of these machines are capable of going anywhere, it all depends on the riders skill, judgement and sheer stupidity as to how far and where they can actually go.

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